Jan 17, 2017
The year has begun. Have you had your annual supplier meeting with your most important partners yet? 

supplier meeting

 Do your suppliers know what you expect from them? "Definitely!" say some. "All done. We've updated the prices. So everything is sorted now." But was that really everything? Is it really enough to renegotiate prices with the most important partners once a year - or is there more to it?

Supplier meeting as an opportunity

Price structure is one thing, but you also need to think about the overall performance of your supplier. What is cooperation like across all levels? Starting with management down to the operational level and day-to-day activities. Running business operations together is important today, but what will this look like in the coming years? What do you want to achieve together and what goals do you have? What can you take from your current work together and develop further? Which potentials do you need to exploit and change for the sake of success in the future?

The benefits of a SRM tool

It is important to have an intensive discussion with essential partners and review your work together. There is so much information available about cooperation together, but is this being used properly?  A SRM tool can offer plenty of support and make information more transparent. It can deliver detailed analysis of costs and price developments. It can also show information about supplier performance. A SRM tool supports you in setting up and implementing strategies and activities. It also systematically prepares information to show you different possible courses of action.

In my experience, annual supplier evaluation discussions are the basis for a long-term dialog which can ultimately generate business value. It's a space to initiate innovation, optimize processes and identify and assess risks in the supply chain.

The upshot: It's absolutely worth holding a regular, intensive annual discussion with your supplier!

What are your experiences and tips? 

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